Our activity is based in the fulfillment of several principles

Quality is one of the pillars of our company and is fully embedded within our structure. The trust our customers deposit on us is based upon our quality and our reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products.
It is one of our main goals to keep this trust based relationship solid and long lasting.
Discover below our purpose.


Ensure quality and consistency of our products, according to the specifications, making sure we meet or exceed our customers expectations.


Manage the natural resources and the exploitation sites in the more efficient way possible, in order to ensure long lasting reserves and maximize the value of our mines.


Minimize the waste produced and reutilize and recycle as much as possible, always looking for new opportunities to do this.


Comply with the applicable legislation and compliance obligations.


Minimize the negative impacts of the mining activities for the local communities.


Promote communication with stakeholders such as employees, local communities, suppliers, among others.