Extraction and transformation of raw materials

We are a growing group of companies operating in the area of extraction and transformation of raw materials, which over the years have been combining to offer a wide range of quality industrial minerals and natural resources.
With a history of more than 80 years in the market, Corbário follows a strategy sustained by three basic concepts: growth, improvement and innovation.
Over the years and with the premise that these 3 concepts are fundamental, Corbário has become the Corbário Group, which integrates 3 companies:
More recently, Corbário formed a strategic partnership with references in the silica and kaolin sector, which are:


To be an organization that offers products and services with the best quality and diversity to its clients, suppliers and partners.


We aim to grow over time with awareness and determination, focusing on adding knowledge in order to be recognized as a company of excellence, which offers quality and reliability.


Total safety in the work environment, Valuing Human life, Ethics in relationships, Transparency, Sustainability, Credibility, Competence and Research.